Maternity Services

Pohlen Hospital and the Matamata Midwives work together to provide an outstanding primary maternity facility for the women of Matamata and Waikato district.
We offer 24-hour care provided by a group of Midwives, who are supported by a dedicated and caring team of Maternity Aides. An Antenatal clinic is also run daily. Pohlen Hospital has four modern postnatal bedrooms with ensuites and two delivery suites.

Hospital staff support breastfeeding mothers by adopting practices that protect, promote and support breastfeeding. We also ensure that mothers who decide not to breastfeed are provided with support and information.

At Pohlen, we are a baby-friendly hospital.
A baby-friendly hospital adopts the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, whilst providing good care before, during and after birth, treating every mother with respect, and supporting her with factual information. A baby-friendly hospital also agrees not to accept free or low-cost breast milk substitutes (baby formula), feeding bottles or teats.

For more information see Baby Friendly Hospital

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