Group Services

Group Services are ‘leased’ and not owned by the hospital. See the below services that are available:



Matamata Medical Centre

Business Hours:

Closed Public Holidays
Monday to Friday:
Weekends: (Urgent Only Clinic)
Saturday and Sunday:

Tel (07) 881 9102


Business Hours:

Monday to Friday
8am – 5pm
No referrals required.

Visit the website

Tel (07) 888 5499

Matamata Pharmacy

Business Hours:

Monday – Thursday
8.30am – 5.15pm
8.30am – 5pm

Tel (07) 881 9108
Fax (07) 881 9109

Medex Radiology

Medex Radiology is proud to offer onsite X-ray, ultrasound and BD services

Business Hours:

On-call service is provided in conjunction with the on-call GP outside weekday hours
Tel 07 578 9912


Family Dental Centre

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm


Open Hours:

Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm
No blood tests are taken after 4pm due to courier pick-up.

Tel and Fax (07) 888 5680


Waikato Diabetes Service: Retinal Screening

Sarah Akerstrom

07 859 9180

Plastic Surgery: Reconstructive and Cosmetic

Ahmed Alkadi
Tristram Clinic
200 Collingwood Street, Hamilton
Phone: 07 838 1035

07 838 1035


Adult Mental Health, Waikato District Health Board

Tania Saul and Brian Harvey
193 London Street, Hamilton

07 834 6902 ext 22495


Ear Health East Waikato

Donelle Flynn
3951 Highway 27 RD4, Morrinsville

0800 327 435

Donelle Flynn visits fortnightly

Specialist Hearing Services: Audiology and Hearing Aids

Joanne Dalton

07 959 2063


Martin Stratton

07 214 2277

Devcich Urology: Bladder Disorders

Glen Devcich
41 Pembroke Street Hamilton

07 834 3528

Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon

Dr Andrew Wood
29 Thackery Street

07 949 8933

Hamilton Eye Clinic: Ophthalmology – Eye Disorders

Bheema Patil
130 Grantham Street
07 834 6304

07 834 6304

Bheema visits every fortnight on a Friday

Podiatry: JK Podiatry

Kate MacKenzie

0800 22 77 11

Kate visits every Monday and Tuesday for the full day


Grace Orthopaedics, Tauranga
Vaughan Poutawera
07 543 1853

Bay Sports and Orthopaedics, Tauranga
Aaron Cook

07 543 1860


Somerville Orthopaedics
Richard Somerville

07 834 9159


Dr Tavaziva Mudzamiri

[email protected]

Orthotic House

56 Pembroke Street

07 836 0606


Mole Map

Angelsea Clinic
Cnr Thackery/Angelsea Street

0800 665 362



Proud to offer:

Aged Care
End of Life Care
Carer Support Care
Primary Care (GP Beds)
Post-operative Care
Maternity Care

See Services


Visiting Consultants:

ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)
Plastic Surgery
Diabetes Retinal Screening

See Consultants

Ladies Lunch 2021 is back!

This year sees the return of the Ladies Lunch with a few changes. The Date is Saturday 4th September at Pepper Street Kitchen Cafe - this is a change to the normal Friday but something that we hope will allow for plenty of our ladies in the community to be a part of....

Donation Received

The Senior Citizen’s paying it forward for aged care - Recently the Matamata Senior Citizen’s Club made the decision to wind up the organisation that has been an integral part of the Matamata community since 1965.   Over the years a myriad of activities...

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Farming is as much a business as any other in a rural community like ours and an initiative that gives the sector an opportunity to offer support without the need to find cold hard cash, has become very popular with many local farmers. Having raised in excess of...

Investing in whole team wellness

Suzanne Lawes (Suze) acknowledges what an incredibly unique asset Pohlen Hospital is; especially compared to many community facilities around the region. “Pohlen has evolved into a real one-stop-shop” she says, “and thanks to effective management over the years,...

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With a significant milestone being celebrated this year, planning is well underway to acknowledge a particularly auspicious occasion. 2019 marks 50 years of Pohlen Hospital and along with Pohlen Foundation who are currently planning events, Sandra Hunter is furiously...

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Pohlen Hospital kitchen team leader Mark Grist is particularly fond of sourcing fresh and seasonal produce, the best cuts of meat and making good, hearty traditional home style cooking. The difference here, however, is that he and his team are feeding more than the...

My Challenge Programme

As local as you are, Challenge Matamata strives to provide service, support and excellence to the community wherever possible and, with a recently introduced initiative, has taken this one step further. The My Challenge Programme is a community-based...

Pohlen Golf Tournament 2019

The Pohlen Golf Tournament took place on Friday 5th April 2019Matamata Golf Club - Ambrose, team of four (golfers and non-golfers welcome)It was a massive success with over $17,000 being raised for Pohlen.Thank you to Matamata Golf Club for the great day - weather...

A Day Backing Pohlen 2018

Another successful day at the races was held on Saturday 13th October with over $12,000 raised for the Foundation.

Janice Anderson’s Birth Story at Pohlen Maternity Wing

Article from Matamata Chronicle April 9 2014 You could say that Janice Anderson is the Pohlen Hospital Maternity Wing's biggest fan and advocate. She can't speak highly enough of the facilities and staff after her son Kahnye David Currie made his grand entrance into...