Due to COVID-19 Level 2, entry to our hospital is still restricted.

If you wish to visit a loved one please phone us on 07 881 9100 ext 2 to arrange.

This is a reminder that we are currently at Level 4 and would like to remind you that no visitors will be permitted. Our Activities Co-ordinator will be in touch with our residents’ families with different ways and ideas on how to stay in contact with your loved ones.
Stay safe, stay kind
Kia Kaha

Welcome to Pohlen Hospital, a private 33-bed charitable trust hospital. The land and capital for the buildings was all donated, with 180,000 pounds gifted by Joseph Pohlen (to go towards the building of a district general hospital). The facility is named after the major donor.

The hospital is independent of the Waikato District Health Board (WDHB) but is governed by a Board of Trustees which represent the community, however Pohlen does hold key WDHB contracts for areas of care including Maternity,  Primary (GP Beds), Aged Care, Transitional, Palliative and End of Life, Respite and Carer Support. Therefore, if patients receive care under these contracts their care, in most cases, is free.

Pohlen has a range of in-house services and consultants that patients can access if required.

Our commitment is to our patients and our goal is to assist you and your loved ones in any capacity you require.

Our friendly, professional staff will take the time to get to know you and your family, so your care can be personalised and you can be sure that your wishes respected.

We are situated in the heart of Matamata, with lovely gardens and views of the Kaimai Ranges.  

We have single rooms with ensuites and share rooms, all of which have outdoor access.

There is also four maternity rooms and two delivery suites.

Pohlen Hospital also has strong links and connections with  local churches.



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Proud to offer:

Aged Care
End of Life Care
Carer Support Care
Primary Care (GP Beds)
Post-Operative Care
Maternity Care

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Visiting Consultants:

ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)
Plastic Surgery
Diabetes Retinal Screening

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