Farming is as much a business as any other in a rural community like ours and an initiative that gives the sector an opportunity to offer support without the need to find cold hard cash, has become very popular with many local farmers.

Having raised in excess of $100,000 over the past seven years, Beefing up Pohlen proceeds significantly helped with the End of Life wing officially opened in May 2016, and last year the refurbishment of Pohlen Hospital consultancy rooms. This year, proceeds are earmarked for a sensory garden and outdoor area for patients, families and staff and as well, an upgrade of the security system.

“The Beefing up Pohlen initiative is great” says Carrfield’s Livestock Agent, John Price. “By donating livestock, collection and sale is offered at no cost, and all proceeds are passed on to Pohlen Foundation. You don’t have to be affiliated to Carrfield’s, no commission is charged by Matamata Sale Yards and free cartage from local carriers Laurent Contractors and Neven Granich is provided. It’s a win-win situation and, regardless of whether you have one animal for donation or ten, we’ll happily organise everything.”

Committed to supporting various fundraising initiatives, John is a well-known auctioneer who proudly offers his service for benefit of the wider community but is particularly proud to assist Pohlen Hospital. “We are extremely fortunate to have this fantastic community-owned asset right here on our doorstep,” he says. “Many larger towns aspire to have such a one-stop-shop approach to healthcare and, with continued buy-in throughout our district, services, basically from the cradle to the grave, are appreciated.”

Although promoted early in the year, donation of livestock is appreciated at any time and, as soon as farmers offer proceeds to Pohlen Foundation, all costs are taken care of. Of course, if preferred, financial donations are also welcomed in lieu of a cow. “All donations, including livestock, are registered and acknowledged with Pohlen Foundation,” says John, “so you can either contact your livestock agent, or the Pohlen team. It’s a great way to get involved.” You can contact John directly on 027 594 2544.

If you would like further information about participating in the Beefing up Pohlen scheme or offering a financial contribution, don’t hesitate to contact Grant Wills on 07 888 3662 or 027 484 2228, or Gilly at Pohlen Foundation on 07 881 9100 ext 834 or 027 289 9807, or by email at [email protected].

Caron Stewart.