Here are the Top 10 Reasons to use Maternity Services at Pohlen Hospital; either for birth or postnatal care.

  1. You know your chosen midwife will be present at your baby’s birth
  2. Extended postnatal stay (Most birth centres provide 48 hours only but Pohlen is happy to have you stay for as long as you need, to feel confident with your new baby)
  3. If you need to birth at Waikato Hospital you can return to Pohlen for postnatal care within 12 hours of birth, or for those that have Caesarean 48 hours (Regardless of the type of birth you have, you can use Pohlen for postnatal stay)
  4. Fresh and new facilities -like a hotel!
  5. We have the facilities to allow your partner or support person to stay with you
  6. Pohlen is close to home minimising travel time in labour. Also keeping family and friends close at hand
  7. Fabulous maternity aides. The girls are specifically trained to care for you and are on site 24/7. They are very experienced in breast feeding support
  8. All necessary emergency equipment is on site and all midwives are trained and certified
  9. Doctors are on call and close by if needed
  10. For transfers to Waikato our St John’s ambulance staff are very experiences and your midwife will travel with you

A few things you may not have known about Maternity care with Pohlen

Pohlen midwives can visit you at home during your pregnancy, early labour and for after birth care. The Midwifery care is planned with the woman, its a team effort. All women are able to choose their own midwife.