Article from Matamata Chronicle April 9 2014

You could say that Janice Anderson is the Pohlen Hospital Maternity Wing’s biggest fan and advocate.

She can’t speak highly enough of the facilities and staff after her son Kahnye David Currie made his grand entrance into the world at 3:11am on February 25 2014. This wasn’t the first time Janice had used the top class maternity wing. Her two year old daughter Porscha Kaia was also born at Pohlen.

“First of all it is beautiful, clean and renovated. It feels like you’re staying in a hotel,” she said. “The staff are amazing, they encourage you to stay for as long as you want and there’s a doctor on call 24/7 should you have any complications.”

She had heard great things about the maternity wing after moving to Matamata four years ago, and was attracted to the fact that it’s local.

“When I had my daughter I stayed for six nights,janice with no pressure to go before I was ready. My partner also stayed for two nights. It’s such a nice friendly environment with all the staff offering helpful advice when it comes to things like breastfeeding,” she said.

“I have had four friends in Hamilton who have had babies recently and they have all been shown the door after two nights.”

Val Walker was Janice’s midwife with both her children. “Val is fantastic. She is so full of advice and information.” There’s no doubt in Janice’s mind when it comes to knowing where she will go, should she have another child. “If I have another baby, I will definitely birth at Pohlen, I can’t praise it enough.”