We are only weeks away from the completion of our new wing and I thought it an ideal time to clarify and emphasise the working relationship we have and will continue to have with Hospice Waikato. Although the new wing at Pohlen Hospital has been specifically designed to provide end of life care conducive to a home environment, it is crucial for the community to understand it does not take the place of Hospice.

For the past 10 years Hospice Waikato have been providing specialist community palliative care and services in the Matamata region, regularly working in conjunction with Pohlen Hospital and other providers. It is important to understand that not every palliative patient needs specialist palliative care. However when they do, that is what Hospice Waikato provides. Hospice services are provided to anyone who needs them throughout the Waikato region, whether they have made the choice to live out their life in their own home” or within a hospital type environment like Pohlen. The new wing at Pohlen is designed for patients who make the latter choice. The last weeks of a loved one’s life can be extremely upsetting – particularly if they need to be moved from their own home. Our intention is to provide a home away from home environment that is family friendly, welcoming and above all else, doesn’t “feel” like a hospital. Of course the overlay of clinical excellence at Pohlen is part and parcel of what we do and do well. Hospice Waikato is a vital component of this care. Soon to open in Matamata, a Hospice Waikato shop will help this organisation continue to provide its services to Pohlen, free of charge by turning second hand donated goods into first class care. This includes providing support, training and education to caregiving and nursing staff at Pohlen, medical support, grief and bereavement counselling, and social work support for patients and their families / whanau. “In a close knit community like ours, it is imperative people come first.

Pohlen Hospital with the support Hospice Waikato aim to achieve the best possible quality of life for patients and their families, and we are of the belief this works best with a multidisciplinary team approach.

Update on the Building Process

  • Two months ago the Hinuera stone was being fitted around the outside of the building
  • Now the guttering has also been completed and the building is water-tight
  • The ground outside has been evened up and the decking is about to begin
  • The carpet is laid (albeit covered in lining to preserve it), the lights and fire retardant system are in. Wallpaper has been hung and walls are painted
  • The bathrooms in each room are currently being installed and the residents rooms are also being fitted out