When the idea of a charitable trust solely to raise funds for capital expenditure at Pohlen Hospital was mooted eleven Years ago, Lindsay Tisch was one of the first to up his hand up for the Pohlen Foundation. He fully supported the Poheln Hospital Board using their operational budget for day to day running of the facilities and clinical care expenditure but believed the concept of creating an independent fundraising arm for capital purchases and im[rovement had expediential merit and hence, the formation of the Pohlen Foundation was established. “It was very apparent that to continue providing exceptional care and facilities to a growing community, steps needed to be taken to ensure the complex would continue in coming years,” says Lindsay. “Obviously with a community owned asset like Pohlen Hospital, providing facilities to complement our tenants such as Matamata Medical Centre and Pharmacy, Med Lab and visiting specialists and consultants, it was imperative we met the needs of our health professionals and the community.”

In 2005 the Pohlen Foundation Trust began appealing to various funding organisations and trusts, utilising personal contacts and networking opportunities, and introducing a variety community events to raise funds for necessary improvements, refurbishments and capital investments to ensure long term longevity.


“In just 11 years we have enabled significant improvement to hospital infrastructure,” says Lindsay, ” and although initial improvements are not always obviously apparent to the community, refurbishment to water recirculation, fire alarm systems and even the car park were essential. We have also completed upgrades to kitchen and staff facilities, the maternity wing and doubled the size of our resident’s lounge. Of course, most notably, the past five years have seen the planning, building and opening of a dedicated end of life wing that is an exceptional addition to this facility.”


Describing his fellow trustees as an extremely proactive team dedicated to serving the future of Pohlen Hospital and its facilities through their involvement in the Pohlen Foundation, Lindsay has this week taken up the position of Foundation Chair. “I guess it’s a natural progression,” he says humbly, “but alongside me are people deeply committed to the positive future of Pohlen. I am a strong advocate of an inclusive management style where delegation sees key strengths among the team identified with a vision to work together on behalf of the community. We are very fortunate to be considered a local charity of choice and appreciate every individual and business that offers support in so many ways. Pohlen Hospital is an outstanding facility and one envied by many communities throughout the region. We will continue to do every thing we can to build on the one-stop-shop approach to excellence in health and clinical care in the legacy first provided by the late Joseph Pohlen almost 50 years ago.